I’ve been a fan of pepe deluxe for a long time. They make crazy music. I got this email from them about their new album coming out in January, but you can watch/listen to a song they wrote on a stalacpipe organ… yes. that’s what I said.

In February 2011, The Great Stalacpipe Organ, located in Luray Caverns, Virginia, USA, finally met its equal: respecting the unbelievable magnitude and uniqueness of this subterranean instrument, we became the first ever humans to compose and record a tune for it. The title of the tune is “In the Cave”, and it was performed by Paul, dressed to the occasion (as he always is).

The composition is part of our upcoming fourth album, an esoteric pop opera called “Queen of the Wave”, released January 2010, based on the legendary book “A Dweller on Two Planets”. The book deals with subjects such as levitation, anti-matter, life in Atlantis and on Venus, “virtual reality” heavens, etc. The usual Pepe stuff!

Watch the video and enjoy the sounds of the rubber mallets hitting the ancient hand-tuned stalactites, giving the song its inexplicable beauty and otherworldly mood.


Written and performed by Paul Malmström.
Recorded by Paul Malmström on a Nagra IV-s on February 21th, 2011.
Video by Paul Malmstöm and James Spectrum.

Thanks to John Shaffer of Luray Caverns.

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