Scooter helps out the biggest Dutch film release ever in Germany.

The Eyeworks film NEW KIDS TURBO is released today in a record amount of German theatres. Never before has a Dutch film been so widely released in Germany. NEW KIDS TURBO IS distributed by the German based Constantin and will be released in 186 German theatres.

German Language
The German version is dubbed in German by the New Kids, which adds a further comedic dimension to hear a specific Dutch dialect articulated through the German language. “The German version is even better than the original. The New Kids are extremely funny with a German accent“ said Directors Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil.

For the promotion of the German version the New Kids cooperated with the German Hardcore phenomenon band Scooter and recorded the track ‘Friends Turbo’. Scooter is a well known band with popular Happy Hardcore hits (‘Hyper Hyper’, ‘Move Your Ass’ and ‘Endless Summer’). ‘Friends Turbo’ is a special remix of the in 1995 produced track ‘Friends’.

The film
The economic crisis has hit the country, and also affects the loitering deadbeats Gerrie, Richard, Rikkert, Robbie and Barrie from the small Dutch village of “Maaskantje”. Due to all sorts of misunderstandings, but primarily their own behavior, they lose their jobs. When their unemployment benefits prove to be insufficient to support their slacker lifestyle and they use a little ‘persuasion’ while demanding more money, they lose their welfare checks all together. With just one logical solution, to not pay for anything anymore, things spiral out of control very quickly. Soon enough people start following their example, the whole country falls into anarchy and our lowlife heroes have to fight off the wrath of the government.
NEW KIDS TURBO had 1.1 million visitors in Holland which didn’t go unnoticed as many German distributors were interested in the film. Constantin, the German Distributor licensed the rights for the German release.

New Kids Turbo is an Eyeworks production, in cooperation with Inspire Pictures, 100% Halal, Comedy Central and Dutch Media Pictures.

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