The song that got Europe rave-jigging; on it’s way to the US?

Just when you thought Samim cornerned the accordion-house market with “Heater“, Steve Mac tries his luck with “Paddy’s Revenge”. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, or in the United States, Paddy probably missed your ear drums this Summer. The track is absolutely massive, spearheading many Ibizan sets and those across the UK and Western Europe via Judge Jules, Pete Tong and many more.

Steve Mac will deliver a full single release of Paddy’s Revenge on September 15th, via 3Beat Blue. While the original might seem novelty by the udg-l33t, you must stay tuned for Cahill’s re-rerub. It is absolutely slamming. pushed me over 110mph. on I95. personal best time from DC to NYC. in a volvo family truckster. This remix has some serious gas and made the $200 speeding ticket a bit more tolerable. The build, the bass, the BUILD!!!

What is rather excruciating is the little dance that seems to be spreading like wildfire. A quick youtube search yields a swath of homebodies young and old posting their version of the dance. Who is to blame for this madness? Our boy Pete Tong. Featured at a wedding near you.

Music Video

 “Steve Mac – Paddy’s Revenge”

Paddy’s Revenge

Artist: Steve Mac
Released: September 15, 2008
Label: 3Beat Blue
 Paddy’s Revenge (club mix)
 Paddy’s Revenge (dub mix)
 Paddy’s Revenge (Cahill Re-Rub)
 Paddy’s Revenge (D.O.N.S. Mix)
 Paddy’s Revenge (Skylark’s Saved Mix)

There is a formula, and Steve nailed it, like he had done in the past; however this one takes the cake. Commercially speaking, it fits the mold, will attract a wide audience, further than what it has gained already. His song was initially enjoyed by clubbers, and soon it will leave the clubs, enter mainstream radio and *everyone* could potentially like the song. We can criticize the production, composition and the simple phrasing, comparing some of the more intricate, complex and technically superior songs we are used to reviewing; but when a song has that commercial feel to it, created by an artist generally unknown to most of the listening world it begins wearing a target. Like I’ve been telling our artist members for 10 years, if you want commercial return, it is *all* about the hook. This song has a killer hook with mass appeal, and I am jealous that I didn’t think of it. But I can’t let jealousy impair my judgment as the entire package is mainstream gold. Steve’s prior body of work makes up for Paddy’s commercial charm. 8/10.

Lastly, thanks go to Nelo for letting us know that this song is actually a remix (of sorts) of Patrick Street’s Music for a Found Harmonium. A clever ear may remember this original theme being played after the dance scene in Napoleon Dynamite.

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